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watch our demo
We upgrade industry-wide practices with the use of advanced industrial robotics
Caldo Restaurant Technologies (“Caldo” for short) has developed a suite of automated kitchen devices designed to replace boring, dangerous, or repetitive tasks with rewarding work. While empathy with the kitchen staff sits at the center of our ethos as a company, we are committed to use our technology to improve the diner experience, drive sustainability, and challenge traditional foodservice economics.  

We named our company Caldo (“broth” in Spanish) as an ode to the world’s first restaurant, which opened back in 1765 serving bouillons restaurants (or “restorative broths”, the origin for the word “restaurant”) intended to alleviate travelers on long journeys.

Our mission, above all, is to alleviate. Our technology provides relief to stressed, overworked kitchen staff without surrendering quality, accuracy, or speed of food preparation.

Your Kitchen + Our Tech

We’ve developed the most digestible, easy-to-adopt automation available to the foodservice industry to date
Our robotic systems require only 7 sqft. of tabletop space. Every system is completely turnkey and requires zero construction.

Just place the system, plug it in, and go.
No kitchen re-build. No downtime.
Our modular design and proprietary ingredient handling technology allows our system to control many cuisine types with ingredients of varying material properties - in other words, our systems aren't limited to just bowls or salads.
In addition to freeing up hundreds of labor hours, our systems reduce food waste, improve portioning accuracy, and collect unit-level data to support supply chain management.

Customers & Partners

Restaurant Kitchens
We’ve developed systems to help high-volume QSR and fast casual operations to automate select tasks (e.g. portioning and packaging of ingredients and sauces) as well as more complex assignments (e.g. full meal assembly automation).
Off-Premise Foodservice
Our systems can support foodservice operations at grocery stores, corporate campuses, airports, and hospitals with assembly of large batches of grab-and-go meals.
Commissary &
Ghost Kitchens
Given the high concentration of workers in these large format kitchens, we've found a natural fit for our technology when it comes to augmenting kitchen productivity per available staff member.

Can I put a system in my kitchen today?

We have a pre-order waitlist that's growing fast. Connect with our team to define which of our automation products fits best for your operation and add your name to the list today!

How would automation impact my business?

Kitchen operators see immediate improvements in product consistency, presentation, staff productivity, food waste, training and turnover costs, and supply chain management.

Customers are happier, employees are happier, and operators are happier.
In short, it's a win, win, win.

What would working with Caldo look like?

Our systems are offered as a Robotics-as-a-Service subscription.

A subscription to our service includes: access to our hardware and software, installation, training, routine maintenance, remote support, and system upgrades.

Our success is tied to the success of our customers, so we work hand-in-hand with operators to uncover inconspicuous tasks that quietly eat up labor, produce product inconsistencies, and cause significant amounts of food waste.

Our Team

Join us and help reimagine the future of kitchens!
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Jose Alonso
Co-Founder & CEO
Jorge Guerra
Co-Founder & CTO
Jay Shah
Lead Hardware Engineer
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